Another one of our long serving team members received a Distinguished Service Award from Scottish Mountain Rescue last month. This honour is awarded to individuals who volunteer for Mountain Rescue in Scotland and have demonstrated dedication and exemplary service over many years.

As a local, William (Billy) Stitt, joined the team in 1975 and since then has responded to many hundreds of calls for help.

Billy took on the role as Team Leader in 1984. In 1987, following a helicopter crash during a callout on Ben More that resulted in the death of the then Co-ordinator. He reacted quickly and selflessly, along with other team members, his leadership shone through and helped save the lives of fellow team mates, as well as those of the helicopter air crew. Despite the tragic events, he and the team returned the following day to recover the casualty from the original incident. Billy was later commended for his bravery and leadership on the hill that night.

During his time in the team, he has displayed a clear aptitude for mountaineering and has diligently and carefully passed on his knowledge to newer team members. However, his caring and compassionate character meant he looked after his team both on and off the hill, with genuine concern shown in their personal situations. Throughout his 37 years as Team Leader, his commitment to mountain rescue has been unwavering, and this sense of duty hints of his integrity and strength of character. With those skills and traits combined, together with an incredible knowledge of the local area, he has without doubt effected many successful rescues, and brought many mountaineers home to their families.

Billy has been supported by his wife Lesley, who like many in the extended mountain rescue community, have given so much to support their partner.

A leader and friend to members of our team spanning 4 decades. Billy (Willie) Stitt when receiving his award said :-

“Our Mountain Rescue Team has been a family of local people with skills to assist fellow hill users who need assistance. While I’m honoured to receive this award, it is the team members’ families and local communities who have all played a role in making this mountain rescue team a very special service.”

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