This week is Volunteers Week, without the humongous effort mountain rescue volunteers give to public service in Scotland, getting help would be very different if you got into difficulty on our mountains and in wild places.

Over the next week we will be celebrating some of the stories of what being a volunteer in mountain rescue entails.

In kicking volunteers week off, we want to make a special mention to the families,friends and employers who enable our members to do what they do.

Often it’s partners and friends who have to pick up pieces when birthdays, special events are missed by our team members.

It’s the relatives who worry at home if it is a stormy night. And the Partners looking after the children, making a flask and some food to keep their loved ones warm when on a shout

The colleagues covering for our members work as they attend a rescue.

Quite simply you are also volunteering to help rescues happen. So to all of you a big thank you from our team and our volunteers.

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Killin Mountain Rescue Team is a Registered Scottish Charity - No. SC044098