Callout 4/23

Yesterday (22/01/23) the team were alerted by Forth Valley Police Division to assist an individual and their dog who became disorientated on Beinn Chabhair in poor visibility. Thankfully, the casualty was equipped well and able to stay safe while the team assessed the situation and decided where to deploy the rescue team.

As the rescue coordinators, were trying to establish the persons exact whereabouts; they were able to communicate with the casualty via his mobile. The individual had a GPS, but it was not working correctly, meaning the rescue coordinators spent time trying to work out exact area to ensure safe deployment of the team. Once the coordinators were able to use the information to hand, the team were deployed in to the gully where the lost person was.

Using the assistance of a local game keeper, the rescue team were transported up in to the gully to reach the casualty. Following assessment of the casualty and the situation, the team secured the individual and the dog and assisted them down the gully using a safety rope.

The team, casualty and the dog returned to base safe and a good outcome to what could have been a tough situation due to the winter conditions.

Note: Image from used winter training.

Winter on the hill. Copyright ©️ Killin Mountain Rescue Team

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