Callout 3/23

The team were called out yesterday by Forth Valley Police Division to assist two walkers on Ben More; initial reports from one of the casualties was that the two had summitted Ben More, but on their descent the two had become separated in the mist, possibly resulting in one of them having taken a fall.

The team rescue coordinators managed to achieve communication with both casualties, and were able to ascertain that both had become crag fast, but were ok. A hill party of team members was deployed to locate the casualties. Thankfully the team coordinators were able to gain information from the casualties to get a better location which enabled the team to locate the two individuals. The casualties had come to difficulty in very challenging terrain requiring the team to use technical winter skills to help move the pair to safer ground. This was a tricky extraction for the team members and it took a significant amount of skill and time to get the casualties to safety and down to the waiting support unit.

The casualties were assessed for injuries firstly on the hill by our team members and then by Scottish Ambulance Service on the return to the bottom. The casualties were very grateful for the mountaineering skills and care they received from the team members. It was clear that both had experienced a difficult day on the hill and were lucky to return safely after both had slid some distance becoming crag fast in winter mountaineering conditions. When the two individuals realised their difficulty they did the correct thing by calling 999, asking for POLICE, then MOUNTAIN RESCUE.

It’s worth noting that at this time of year, mountains are often very difficult environment’s and footpaths are covered with snow and ice making it difficult to follow. Conditions require those going to the mountains to have good levels of winter mountaineering capability, winter mountaineering equipment to protect you from the elements and good quality four season mountaineering boots, crampons and ice axe along with the knowledge to use them appropriately. It is essential that you know how to navigate using a map and compass in very limited visibility and we urge people not to be reliant on mobile phones.

Our volunteers are delighted to have brought both casualties safely down and wish the individuals involved well and hope that this experience, albeit a learning curve, will not put them off from enjoying the mountains we all love.

The team members were also fed and watered with fish and chips from The Real Food Cafe in Tyndrum.

Heading up Ben More. Copyright ©️ Killin Mountain Rescue Team
Searching on Ben More. Copyright ©️ Killin Mountain Rescue Team
Still going despite the darkness. ©️ Killin Mountain Rescue Team
Essential kit for winter. Copyright ©️ Killin Mountain Rescue Team

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