Angus Cameron or to locals Gus, is quite simply the Man of the Glen. A local to Lochearnhead. It’s safe to say he’s probably covered every part of the local hills. Recently, Gus received the Scottish Mountain Rescue’s Distinguished Service Award for his dedication to Mountain Rescue and recognition for Mountain skills that have saved many a life on Stuc a’ Chroin, the hills of Balquhidder and beyond.

Gus has shown over the years what it takes to become a skilled and knowledgeable leader on the hill and still to this day has great skill and ability to teach younger members a thing or two especially on the wildest of days on the mountains. Becoming Deputy Team Leader in 1987 following a helicopter crash during a callout on Ben More that killed the then Team Co-ordinator, he, like many in the team, showed commitment in helping the team pull together in subsequent days. Like every member of the team during that time, he showed humanity and dedication to continue in the duty of bringing people back to their families.

Gus is a loyal servant to the team, and his local knowledge, especially on Stùc a Chròin and the Balquidder hills, has often been the saviour of many people who get into difficulty. Gus has been friend to the team and its members over many years. He has been supported by his wife Ollie, who like many in the extended mountain rescue community, have given so much to support their partner.

Gus responded upon receiving his award :-

” I was absolutely amazed when I received this award and obviously very delighted. I feel this should be shared with the many great people I have worked with in the team over the many years. I have always felt, even in the worst conditions safe with the man next to me, and it was important to get casualties off the hills as soon as possible for the sake of their family and friends, and this has always been a team event. I have many great memories of hard days on the hills and also the fun and laughs we have had over the years. I must also say wives, partners and families should also have a share of the award for the long nights, usually during very inclement weather, waiting to hear the vehicle arrive at the door knowing you are safe and then kicking you out of the bed because you are freezing! “

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